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GAIA Ultimate Quality 3-way Sporttasche (wasserdicht) - pink Art.Nr.: 3079
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GAIA Ultimate Quality 3-way Sporttasche (wasserdicht) - pink
GAIA Ultimate Quality 3-way Sporttasche (wasserdicht) - pink
GAIA Ultimate Quality 3-way Sporttasche (wasserdicht) - pink

GAIA Ultimate Quality 3-way Bag

This great Ultimate bag is made from waterproof heavy duty material and is your perfect companion for wet conditions to keep your stuff dry.

The bag features the GAIA characteristical disc holder on one side (holds about 3-5 discs) and a nicely sized outside zip-pocket on the opposite side.
On the flip side of the top it has a big multifunctional inside mesh pocket with a sturdy full-length zipper (see detail shot of the orange bag).

The name of the bag is program as you can carry it 3 different ways. Use the full-fledged rucksack dual-straps (pic 1), toss it over the shoulder using the comfortable shoulder strap (pic 2) or carry it in the hand with the short straps (pic 3).
The rucksack dual-straps can be fully removed within a minute, for example if you want to streamline your bag for the luggage belt at the airport quickly before check-in.

Product Information:
- Volume: 65 litres
- Dimension: 65cm (length) x 35cm (width) x 27cm (height)
- Material: 590 g/m² PVC Tarpaulin
- including full-fledged rucksack-dual-straps

Note: The bag is completely made from waterproof material but from the way of it's construction it's not a 100% waterproof bag as water can go through zipper and seams.

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