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GAIA for Africa

Since a couple of years JUMP+REACH / GAIA Europe supports a great project called "Discs for All".

We for example ship them jerseys and shorts that may have slight flaws in printing etc.

The 2010 "horned" Skogs jerseys and shorts would basically qualify for this as they are perfect top quality technical apparel just with the issue of the upside down printed Skogs logo.

Some words from the initiator of "Disc for Africa"
Hello all again,

Many thanks to those who already gave me some discs, between the old ones and some new ones I have gathered a good 15 discs who will keep the players in Bangui, Central African Republic, playing for a little while, so cheers for that.

I travelled to Central African Republic last March and took 20 discs with me, started and trained 6 teams in total in 3 different neighbourhoods of the capital, Bangui, did also some sessions with kid streets in an NGO. Everybody absolutely loved it and they were fast learners! The day I left we organised a tourney on proper grass pitches, 5 aside with 2 subs, 6 teams, we had some music on the pitches and some drinks, it was great. With a strong football influence and neighbourhood pride, spirit was actually the hardest thing, and respecting the rules but I left them with great enthusiasm and 20 discs between 4 captains, which at the time wasn't much to run a practice.

Since then I haven't really been in touch with them all but I know they are still playing and that the discs are worn out so I am planning on shipping them some discs. There is a DHL office in Bangui, it'll be easy.

So, if you have a disc to give away you can get in contact and I'll be glad to collect it and prepare the shipment, it'll be a nice boost for them in Bangui! If you could drop me a line saying you will bring a disc for Africa, it would be great!

Thanks a lot in advance, any comments, ideas welcome.




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