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uCustomize Materialien

GAIA FLOtech Technical Fabrics

GAIA uses the following technical fabrics for jerseys, shorts, warm ups and training pieces. The "family name" of all technical fabrics by GAIA is "FLOtech" - in differentiation to different cotton based fabrics used e.g. for our Hoodies or Cotton Shirts.

The below table indicates the different names of the different FLOtech fabrics and what they are recommended for.

FLOtech Fabric Typ
Sublimation Fabric Weight Composition Recommended Items
yes 115 g/m²
100% Polyester
Jerseys, Longsleeves, Tank Tops, Racerbacks
yes 145 g/m² 100% Polyester Jerseys, Shorts, Longsleeves, Tank Tops, Racerbacks, Polos, Summer Hoodies
yes 180 g/m² 92% Polyester
8% Spandex
Shorts, Longsleeves, Summer Hoodies, Neck Tubes
yes 280 g/m² 92% Polyester
8% Nylon

-> brushed inside
1/4 Zip Pullover, Full Zip Jackets, Bottom Zip Pants

If you are looking for an ultra breathable and thin fabric for hot summer play, FLYweight is your fabric of choice.
  FLOtech - FLYweight: is one of the lightest, best wicking, most breathable, almost indestructible and therefore the most highly coveted team jersey fabrics in Ultimate. We didn't offer it for a couple of years and players went nuts ... consequently we brought it back.

Best of all, the all new FLYweight (available on orders placed after September 2010) is even softer than the original, while maintaining all of the other performance benefits.

If you are looking for that classy silky touch and a sleek subtle shiny finish, SILKtouch is your fabric of choice.
  FLOtech - SILKtouch: is light and breathable, combining performance with a super silky smooth finish. Once you wear it you can't stop touching it as it feels so nice and soft.

The silky finish also optimizes the clarity of sublimated art, graphics and numbers.

Available for sublimation orders and recommended for Jerseys, Shorts and Longsleeves.

If you are looking for these extra stretchy free-feeling shorts, PROstretch is your fabric of choice.
  FLOtech - PROstretch: is a stretchy and comfy performance fabric that is ideally suited for shorts and long sleeve jerseys. It has 8% Spandex* incorporated, a special yarn is used to weave the fabric and the weaving method and density of the yarn to each other have been optimized - all for a super nice and stretchy fabric. Simply great!

The special composition makes the PROstretch smooth but still strong, straight falling but still light enough and keeps its shape for a long time.

The PROstretch has an extemely soft touch and a subtle shiny finish. It complements perfectly well with jerseys made from our SILKtouch fabric.

Available for sublimation orders (light coloured print recommended) and recommended for Shorts, Longsleeves and Summer Hoodies. Also great for Neck Tubes.

The percentage of Spandex in the fabric is only one of many factors that determine how stretchy the fabric can be. The other factors include: the type of yarn that was used to weave the fabric, the weaving method, how dense the yarn are to each other ... etc. More Spandex means more weight, less breathability and more bulging when used intensely over the time.
  FLOtech - THERMAsoft: is a great team uniform fabric recommended for our full or 1/4 zip warm ups. It is a heavy weight, wicking, breathable fabric that will keep you warm before and after playing.

It still surprises us why more teams don't take the chance to get a fully customized, warm up jacket and/or pants with their team name, logo, player names and numbers.

You live in your team uniforms so it only makes sense to get these affordable warm up items.

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