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Flyer "Play Ultimate" - english (pack of 100) Art.Nr.: 2529
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This great flyer helps you to recruit new players easily for the best team sport on the planet.

Use this professional flyer to promote your sport perfectly well and easy.
  • The full colour action design on the front catches everybodys eyes.
  • The 10 rules with the playing field on the back describe the game.
You will receive a pack of 100 flyer sized 21 x 10 cm printed on heavy 250g/m² paper. Feel free to order 2 or more 100-flyer-packs.

You can even order them with your own club name or logo!
It will be printed on the playing field on the back, just where the JUMP+REACH logo is at the moment. - Contact us for details!

The postage is already included in the price of the 100-flyer-pack.

5,00 EUR

incl. 19 % UST exkl.
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